Why can’t you just track points and be done with it?!

While that would be okay for back yard or informal volleyball, for formal indoor matches, there are lots of rules that are applied/enforced by the officials with the support of the scorer and assistant scorer (libero tracker).

Like baseball’s batting order, serving order is important in volleyball. The scorer makes sure each team sticks to the serving order submitted on the lineup before each set.

And just like soccer, where the goalie can do things that other players cannot (and vice versa), in volleyball, the libero and other back row players must abide by different rules with regard to attacking the ball.  It is necessary to have a reference is a coach contests an official’s ruling.  The score sheet and libero tracking sheet provide just that.

To be sure, the scorer and assistant scorer contribute to the FAIRNESS of the match – and every competition should be fair!  (It’s why the officials are there!)

So all you scorers out there, know that you have an important job and you provide a service that’s integral to the match.  Thank you for all you do!

– And thank you for scoring with VolleyWrite!


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