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Pray for rain in Tennessee!

Just wanted to get some awareness about the plight of the Gatlinburg area in Tennessee. Tennessee schools are long-time, faithful VolleyWrite scorers, and we want you to know that we are thinking of you! Please keep the Gatlinburg area, and all areas that are dealing with the fires in your thoughts and prayers!

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Why do we need a volleyball scorer?

Why can’t you just track points and be done with it?! While that would be okay for back yard or informal volleyball, for formal indoor matches, there are lots of rules that are applied/enforced by the officials with the support of the scorer and assistant scorer (libero tracker). Like baseball’s batting order, serving order is…

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Congrats to OHSAA Tournament winners!

Well, actually, congratulations to ALL teams who made it to the state finals this year! It was another exciting tournament at the Nutter Center at Wright State University! Today, the winners for all four divisions were determined. Division I: Brecksville-Broadview Heights Division II: Padua Franciscan Division III: Miami East Division IV: Jackson Center VolleyWrite is a…

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