Debbie Keller


I love volleyball!

I love scoring!

  • In my days as a grade school coach, my team almost lost a tournament due to scoring problems.
  • When I became an official, I witnessed even more scoring problems.
  • When I was a volleyball mom, I saw parents pressured into scoring when they didn't know how.  And at a club match, there was almost a fist fight (among adults) over the score!

That's when I knew I had to do something.

So in 2008, I enlisted the help of a long-time friend who was a software coder.  We started Wildfire Sports LLC and began developing VolleyWrite.  Although Mike is no longer part of Wildfire Sports, the development continues.

VolleyWrite has come a long way since it was first introduced to the Ohio Boys High School league in 2012.   It has become a staple at many scoring tables because it helps scorers be the best they can be!

I am a PAVO-certified scorer and I score with VolleyWrite!!

Picture of Debbie Keller, creator of VolleyWrite
OHSAA State Finals 2016

VolleyWrite customers are THE BEST!


For Fans

You'll miss yelling, "The score's wrong!", but you'll get over it...

For Scorers

Now you don't have to know all of the rules or the "ins and outs" of scoring notation (although it's very helpful if you do).  You don't have to worry about different colored pens or whether you circle or slash the number.


For Coaches

Increase your ability to muster up some support at the scoring table.  We've heard from more than one coach that students will fight for the opportunity to keep score!

For Officials

Don't worry about whether you'll be able to read the score sheet - it's all there and in the proper notation.


For Scorers

VolleyWrite helps you stay engaged with the match in progress and know what to look for.  It prompts you to verify the number of the current server and the player entering the court when the libero leaves. 


For Scorers

A fading message lets you know what to tell the R2 and when to say it.


For Coaches

Now there's a tool to help your scorer do their best job ever!


For Officials

No more illegal replacements!  Now your libero tracker has help applying the rules. 

(This was seriously one of the biggest surprises during development...)


For Everyone

VolleyWrite's user interface makes it easier and, therefore, faster to enter scoring information, so substitutions aren't actually mini time-outs.  No detracting from the excitement on the court!

For Officials

Expect to hear from you scorer!  VolleyWrite helps her communicate illegal actions and alerts about the sub counts, switch point and set point.


Mission Statement


Our mission is to provide the best sports experience possible for players, fans, officials, coaches and administrators through software solutions at the competition and on the administrative level.