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NVVA breaks the ice with VolleyWrite!

The NVVA used VolleyWrite as the libero tracking mechanism on all six courts for the NVPL tournament on January 9 & 10.  There was a lot of positive feedback, and VolleyWrite helped identify multiple illegal libero replacements, a wrong server or two and an illegal player.  It was a blast!

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New iPad version available in the iTunes app store

Just wanted everyone to know that VolleyWrite iPad version 1.8 was approved on January 6.  So if you have internet access and have allowed automatic updates (which we recommend), you should get notification of the new version. The iPad version of VolleyWrite has as many of the same features as the Windows version as possible.…

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VolleyWrite in Virginia

We are getting ready to go to Sterling, Virginia! The NVVA is hosting a two-day six court tournament this Saturday and Sunday, January 9 & 10. The libero trackers will be using the iPad version of VolleyWrite! We are so excited to be able to assist with these club volleyball matches!

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