Release Notes

VolleyWrite Version 5.0

Release Notes June 25, 2020 Rule update – NFHS:  The penalty for failing to submit a roster at the pre-game conference is an Unnecessary Delay (Administrative Yellow Card) Rule update – NCAA:  When a rally ends in a replay, either team may challenge it.  Also, when the revised ruling for a challenge is a replay,…

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VolleyWrite Version 4.8

This release was necessary to port to an upgraded server. We took advantage of the timing to also upgrade the licensing flow. Other minor changes: fix the Rosters tab for the team on the right side of the display some initial fixes for NCAA Challenges tweaks to the USAV score sheet PDF

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VolleyWrite Version 4.5.0

This release contains a few minor changes: The NAIA rule set was revised. The NFHS rule set was changed to match the new rule for uniform numbers. Other bug fixes Because the license database has been changed, all new licenses must be installed with the new software! If you have not installed a new version…

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