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If you're still developing your trust in VolleyWrite, and you still want to have a paper backup, we do understand (well, sort of…).   We still want you to have what you need so your scoring experience can be a good one!


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  • A paper copy of the Volleyball Rules book can be purchased online at
  • You can also purchase a copy for your iPad in the App store.

Use this link to get up-to-date info about NAIA volleyball:

Rules Comparisons/Modifications

Manual Fix Scenarios

The following scenarios are meant as a training tool to help scorers test their understanding of VolleyWrite and to provide practice for correcting errors.

Read the scenario, then download the Windows match file, open the match in VolleyWrite and make the proper correction. (This is not possible on the iPad right now.)

And finally, if you were not able to correct the problem, use the video link to see how the problem could be corrected.

Fix the Starting Lineup


  • The match started in a rush and you were given the lineups late.
  • You didn’t get a chance to verify all of the players on the right side of the court and you didn’t actually see the libero replacement, but you were confident that the R2 verified the players’ positions.
  • Since #14 and #10 were on the court in the back row, the libero must have gone in for #4, so you moved the libero into the middle back position.
  • When the team on the right won the serve, player #4 ran into the sub zone to sub in for #10.
  • Since #4 was not on the bench, you immediately alerted the R2.
  • After examining the lineup sheet, you saw that you entered #4 in the starting lineup instead of #9.

* This example illustrates the need for the R2 to confirm that the players on the score sheet match the lineup sheets before each set (regardless of whether you are scoring electronically or on paper).

Download the match
Watch how to fix it (on YouTube)

Edit an Action


  • The match was being played on a court that didn’t have much room on the sidelines.
  • You were seated just to the right of the standard, and visibility was not good.
  • Early on, the team on the left went on a scoring spree.  After 5 points in a row were scored, the R2 whistled and signaled a time-out.
  • Later, the team on the left requested a substitution. You could not see the exchange, but the R2 told you the substitution was #3 for #5 and you recorded it.
  • When the team rotated, you saw that “#3” was actually number 13.
  • You alerted the R2.
  • Upon looking at the score sheet, the R2 also noticed that the time-out was charged to the team on the right (which would have been normal) when it actually was the team on the left who requested it.

Download the match
Watch how to fix it (on YouTube)

The Libero did NOT serve but VolleyWrite says she did.


  • The match was very intense and quick-paced, and the gym was very loud.
  • At one point, the team on the right was about to serve and the libero on the left side of the court was in the service position. VolleyWrite was waiting for you to enter the outcome of the rally.
  • Although you had verified that #15 had contacted the serve, your spotter was sure the libero had served, so you moved the libero into the service position.
  • You answered OK to the dialog and OK to the new server verification, then awarded the point to Gotham City on the right.
  • After many actions were scored, the libero on the left entered the service position to serve, and when you entered that action, an error message appeared.
  • You alerted the R2 who suspended play and confirmed that Smallville’s libero had not served previously in the set.

Download the match
Watch how to fix it (on YouTube)

An Exceptional Substitution is necessary!


  • The Visitor (Smallville) team had nine (9) players.
  • They were playing with a libero, and all players had been on the court.
  • #5, who was in the middle front position, landed on another player’s foot and rolled her ankle.
  • The coach told the R2 that #5 must be replaced.

Download the match
Watch how to fix it (on YouTube – with a bonus scenario included)

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