The new version of VolleyWrite for Windows is here!!

VolleyWrite version 4.0.29 is now available for download from our Resources page!

Although the NFHS rule change making Replays and Re-serves handled the same was incorporated early this year, there were some score sheet changes that had not been identified as changes that we added.

For NCAA Women, the Challenge Review Report has been added. It is easy to fill out and it looks great! Both the Challenge and Mind Change dialogs are aware of any libero activity and substitutions after the decision in question, so you can see any personnel changes that may need to be “undone”. Challenges don’t have to be challenging…

We will send an e-mail message to all recent purchasers of VolleyWrite for Windows, but if you open VolleyWrite with internet access, it will update automatically.

The updated iPad version has been submitted and should be approved soon.

NOTE: Some of the embedded documentation is not up to speed yet. We are working to change that…

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