Vernon Boys Volleyball

I must extend my sincere thanks to your company for allowing me to participate in the beta testing. My scorekeepers had so much ease using the program that other schools were jealous. I would definitely be interested in full-time usage for next season, and have shared the information with our high school’s fall girls coach (I only coach boys in the spring).

We had an official question its use in place of a “human” libero tracker, and we were advised by the NFHS to have a paper-and-pencil libero tracker in addition to the use of your program. I found this redundant, but we complied nonetheless. We even had a printer on standby if an official requested to initial a hard copy upon set and match completion.

If I can provide any additional information regarding the software use this season, I would be more than happy to. It was an absolute pleasure. I have recommended it to every colleague that I could!

Jeff DeYoung
Head Coach, Vernon Boys Volleyball
Vernon, NJ