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College Conferences used VolleyWrite in 2019

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The GMAC used VolleyWrite as its exclusive scoring software in 2019 for the third year in a row. Two more conferences, the PSAC (Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference) and the KCAC (Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference) used VolleyWrite to score their matches. Based on the feedback from coaches who came to the VolleyWrite booth at the AVCA…

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VolleyWrite Scorer Challenge – Context Assist/Answer

Are you curious about the lineup from the last post? If so, here’s the lineup sheet with the lineups for all three sets in the match to help you out.  (Yes, the team name has been removed to “protect the innocent”!)   As it turns out, the starting players for set 1 were 25, 2c,…

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VolleyWrite New Release – May 2017

New Version of VolleyWrite Get the latest version of VolleyWrite on the Resources page of our website (Windows/PC version ony) or in the iTunes App store (iPad only) now! We are already working on the next release to be ready for the fall season.  Those of you who have subscribed to our mailing list will be…

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End of NCAA Women’s 2016 Season

Congrats to Stanford for winning the DI NCAA volleyball finals!!! And thank you to everyone who stopped by the VolleyWrite booth at the AVCA Convention in Columbus, Ohio. We enjoyed talking to each of you, and we appreciate your interest in improving volleyball by including VolleyWrite. Thank you!!

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Attention NCAA Volleyball Scorers!

We have finally managed to read the 2016-2017 volleyball rules for NCAA Women, and we need to clarify one of their statements. In the Points of Emphasis, the 2016-2017 rules book says, 2. “Computerized Scorekeeping: Some of the computerized scoring processes require rosters to be entered before the match begins. Adding a player’s number to the roster after…

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