Alert all iPad users of VolleyWrite!

Apple released iOS9 last week without any notice to developers regarding the changes they made.  We had some e-mails and calls alerting us to some issues with VolleyWrite, so we made some emergency fixes and  requested a rush approval for the new version which became available last Saturday, September 20.  However, there is still a bug!

WORKAROUND: Open or enter your rosters and then open one of the pre-defined rule sets provided with VolleyWrite (e.g. NFHS for varsity and NFHS Non-Varsity for freshman/JV).  Then go to the Set tab and touch the Start button to get all of the players to appear on the team benches.

If you change the rules, you will have to wipe VolleyWrite off of your iPad and start over! (this includes adding e-mail addresses)

We have submitted the fix today (9/22) and have again requested an expedited approval.

We cannot apologize enough for the frustration you must feel.  We do not take our responsibility to our customers lightly, and we have let you down, although the cause was largely out of our control.  Please bear with us and let us know if you have any other problems!

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