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Why VolleyWrite? – Formatting!!

Yesterday, I was scoring a DI match and had an odd situation.  One UC player (the libero) served for 17 straight points!  The good thing was that I was scoring with VolleyWrite, so I didn’t have to “borrow” any space from the another service position.  I didn’t have to stress over the fact that I was running out of space for service position VI.  Yay!

Univ of Cinti vs Houston set 3 score sheet

VolleyWrite testing at OSU

The Ohio State University is the closest DI Men’s volleyball team, so we tested VolleyWrite and the special substitution rules (used in FIVB scoring) there.  We hope to have FIVB scoring support available soon starting with the Windows version, so that VolleyWrite supports ALL volleyball played in the United States.

VolleyWrite at OSU April 5

VolleyWrite – LOVE IT!

LOVE IT!  I am so impressed with what this program (VolleyWrite) will do.  I am a long-time High School volleyball scorer who has been doing it the “paper” way for years.  It is obvious that whomever wrote the program knows exactly what scorers have to track and created a helpful program to do just that.  My only complaint is that there is not an Android tablet version.  THANKS!

J. Smith, Knoxville, TN

VolleyWrite thanks the Kettering Volleyball Assn

Thank you Monique Huffman, secretary of the Kettering Volleyball Association, for allowing us to present VolleyWrite Volleyball Scoring Software to the incoming officials at Springboro High School on Saturday, August 8th!  Having scorers in the crowd was very beneficial and we look forward to serving the schools in your area!

VolleyWrite thanks the KVOA!

Just wanted everyone to know how much we appreciated demonstrating VolleyWrite to the KVOA in Knoxville, TN on August 2nd and 3rd.  Terri Angel, Charlie Riddell, and Denise Penzkofer did a great job presenting the info for their association, as well as the paper scoring.  We are honored to support volleyball in Tennessee!!

VolleyWrite and the OVVOA

Thanks to Ruchelle Dunwoody, Marc Rosen and Chip Tobias for allowing us to present VolleyWrite Volleyball Scoring Software to the new OVVOA volleyball officials on August 28th!  We are honored to present VolleyWrite, which we hope will help all officials at their matches.