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Information for Ohio boys high school coaches:

This "cheat sheet" contains general scoring information for OHSBVA schools.  Feel free to print it for your scorer(s).


If you would like to report your scores automatically to the OHSBVA website, feel free to download and/or print this Match Web Link document.  (This information is also available in the document which is opened by clicking the Help button in the top right corner of the Match tab inside VolleyWrite.)


If you would like to use the Roster Upload/Download feature, the following documents contain the instructions you need.

You should have received an e-mail message containing your school code.  (Please check your spam folder too!)  You can request your school code by sending a message to Info@VolleyWrite.com.  Mike Chandler has also been given a copy of the team IDs and codes.


In order to upload the scores to the OHSBVA website automatically at the end of your match, your scorer will need to have the correct team ID for each team.  Here is a list of OHSBVA Team IDs for your reference.