Version 6.5.0 of VolleyWrite for Windows is now available

This new version of VolleyWrite incorporates the following changes:

  • A “Challenges Lost” section has been added to the NCAA Roster PDF and it shows when, on the Scoring Options page of the Rules tab, the NCAA Lineup sheet is selected and the rule to Allow Challenges is true/checked.
  • If the revised ruling of a challenge is a Replay, the dialog does not allow any actions shown to be rescinded (since the court MUST go back to its previous state).
  • If a team can challenge a decision, their Challenge button remains active during team and media timeouts.
  • The ink color in the scoring column of the NCAA score sheet is now correct after a mind change of a loss of rally.
  • If a Challenge Report is included in the list of documents to be e-mailed, it is sent regardless of whether there was a challenge.
  • The message above the list of actions for a reversed decision in the Mind Change and Challenge dialogs has been updated.

Thanks to everyone who shared their scoring experience!

We hope to get the iPad version caught up in the very near future as well.

Thank you for scoring with VolleyWrite!

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