VolleyWrite Version 5.0.2

Release Notes

July 23, 2020

  1. Rule update – NFHS:  The penalty for failing to submit a roster at the pre-game conference is an Unnecessary Delay (Administrative Yellow Card)
  2. Rule update – NCAA:  When a rally ends in a replay, either team may challenge it.  Also, when the revised ruling for a challenge is a replay, the team which lost the point is now able to challenge.
  3. Rule update – NCAA:  When a team has non-compliant uniforms, an administrative red card is applied. Although it does result in a penalty point, there is no loss of rally associated with it, so the serving team always retains the serve and the ability to challenge is not affected.
  4. NCAA Challenges:  The Reports tab now gives you the ability to edit some aspects of a recorded challenge.
  5. NCAA Challenges:  You now have the ability to stop the challenge timer and continue entering information. 
  6. NCAA Challenges:  The Set tab now tracks the Challenge count.  The Challenge buttons have a number indicating the team’s next challenge.  When the number is red, the team has used all available challenges (similar to substitutions and time-outs).
  7. External Monitor
    • You now have a fan available.
    • The officials view contains the challenge count when challenges are enabled.
    • You can set a default view on the Customization page of the Rules tab.
  8. Media and Technical Time-outs
    • The warning system for media/technical time-outs and for the change of courts at the half-way point has been updated so the warning only shows one time. 
    • Media and technical time-outs will not start automatically.  You must click the Start button in the timer window to begin the count down, and you must close the timer window to continue scoring.
    • A field was added to the Set Play page of the Rules tab for you to enter the length of the media timeout.  It accepts a range from 60 to 90 seconds.  The default value in the rules is 75 seconds.
    • If challenges are enabled, you must confirm that no challenge is to occur or process the challenge before the switching of courts and then the media timeout timer becomes available.
  9. Rules:  The pre-defined rule sets that come with VolleyWrite are back to being read-only and the software prevents you from saving a file using one of the pre-defined names.
  10. Other bug fixes of note:
    • Time-outs, libero replacements and substitutions are now able to be entered after a replay.  A warning appears to indicate that they are not allowed under normal circumstances.
    • A yellow card warning does not prevent a team from challenging.  (It was being treated like a penalty point.)
    • When a libero attempts to serve in a second position, the only time that can be allowed for injury is if there are no other players at all.  The move is now denied.  The exceptional sub must be implemented with the Injury button.
    • Wrong team name in Manual Fix error message when first libero replacement deleted but a second libero replacement action involving that libero followed.
    • Prediction bubbles not updating upon the switching of sides.
    • Prediction bubbles not disappearing if server verification “No” entered.

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