New Version Release: 6.4.5

We had to make a change in the code which sends live scores to an external URL, so a few other items were improved:

  1. The VolleyWrite Install folder now cleans up after itself when an installation is complete.
  2. On the Set tab, the warning regarding the external backup will only show if a removable storage device is inserted but a backup is not defined on the Welcome tab.
  3. The spacing between player numbers was increased on the NFHS score sheet.
  4. The Feedback button on the Next Steps dialog is only enabled when e-mail information has been entered on the Rules tab.
  5. The “How to Start a New Match” dialog will not appear after you select “Stay With This Match” n the Next Steps dialog. (Very few people, if any, need that information any more…)
  6. Added logic for the correct match identifier to be inserted in the message to an External URL

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!

Happy Scoring!

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