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… it is great!

Personally, I was a little skeptical when they told us several years ago that we would be moving to a digital scoring program. Man was I wrong!! Personally, I think it is great. [VolleyWrite] simply keeps you from missing things before you get three rotations ahead. And as a programmer, I can appreciate the work that goes into creating such an application.  Well done!

B.L., Lenoir City, TN

OHSBVA State Final Tournament 2019 – success!!

Congratulations to St. Xavier High School (Cincinnati), the Division I Champion and to Walsh Jesuit High School (Cuyahoga Falls), the Division II Champion in the Ohio High School Boys Volleyball Association tournament!!

The tournament was held this past weekend, June 1 and 2 at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio.

The volleyball was amazing!

Mike Chandler (right) scored all matches with VolleyWrite, and it was “smooth sailing”. Steve DiBacco (left) operated the scoreboard.

No problems at the scoring table made it all about the kids, as it should be!

Congrats to ALL participants! Thanks for an exciting tournament and good luck next season!

When should I ACCEPT the lineups in VolleyWrite?

This is a popular question among new scorers! There’s no need to worry about doing it “correctly” because you can UNDO the accepting of the lineups to make any changes. However, there are “best practices” that can be applied, depending on the match you are scoring.

NCAA Women

For college women’s matches, for Set 1, you should wait until the one-minute mark of the warm-ups if you want to avoid using the UNDO button to make changes. After Set 1, no changes can be made to the lineup after it has been submitted (Rule, 2018 Rules), so a personnel change would be a charged substitution. Due to the time constraint, accepting right away is necessary and recommended.

The nice thing about using VolleyWrite is that you will catch duplicate players in a lineup right away. And most college scorers will verify an empty libero box in the lineup early on, before the ACCEPT button asks for confirmation.


For high school matches, we recommend waiting until the end of the warm-ups to ACCEPT the lineups for the first set. After set 1, there’s usually not a lot of time to waste, so it isn’t an issue.

There’s no worries because if you move a player between the court and the bench after accepting the lineups and before the first serve, VolleyWrite asks you to clarify whether the change is a substitution (which locks the player into that service position) or a change due to illness or injury (which allows the player to return to any position if and when that is possible).


In Rule 7.3.4, the DCR states that “Once the line-up sheet has been delivered to the 2nd referee or scorer, no change in line-up may be authorized without a regular substitution.”

Therefore, you can accept the lineups once they are entered (and checked).

Best Practice

All scorers and officials should check the lineups before each set! When I score, most referees read the numbers on the lineups to make sure we agree, confirming which team is serving and which players are the captains. Use your eyes to verify that the numbers on the screen match those on the players’ jerseys when they get out on the court.

After all, “Well begun is half done!”

(or so we have found with volleyball scoring…)

To anyone who has already downloaded VolleyWrite (either on Windows or the iPad)

Because of the new security settings on the license key website, you will NOT be able to extend your license (successfully) using the Extend License button on the Welcome tab unless you have the latest software!!

For the iPad, you need to have build 4.2.2 or later. The problem is that when you use the Extend License button (on the Welcome tab) with an older build, you do not get an error message, so you don’t know that the transaction was not successful.

For Windows, you need to have release 4.4.0 or later. If you attempt to install a new key in an older version of the software, VolleyWrite will not be able to connect with the website containing the keys and you will see an error message (no matter how hard you try!!)

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at Info@VolleyWrite.com or call us at (513) 400-5937.

Thank you for scoring with VolleyWrite!

Important Information about Release 4.4.0

If you are currently using VolleyWrite version 4.1.4, you will not be able to enter a new key to extend your license without installing version 4.4.0.

If you do install version 4.4.0, any remaining time on a key generated before January 15, 2019 will be lost.  Please contact us if you need to recover the time on a key.  Our database does have the activation date for your key, so we can provide an interim key.

Thank you all for your patience while we worked hard to get to this point!!

And thank you for scoring with VolleyWrite!

VolleyWrite Software Update – Please read!

The security settings for VolleyWrite.com are in the process of being upgraded, requiring a new release of VolleyWrite.

After January 18, when you open VolleyWrite and your computer has internet access, you will be notified that a new version is available. You will have two options:
1. You can ignore that message and continue to score with the version on your computer until your current license expires, or
2. You can allow the new version to download.  NOTE: In this special case, you will have to enter a new key when the new version is installed. (Normally the key transfers to subsequent versions without the need for re-installation.)
Before you install the new version, if you would like a key for the remainder of your license, please contact me at Info@VolleyWrite.com. Once you have the new key, you can install the latest software and enter the new key. Then you can score as you normally do.  (The activation date for your key is in my database along with the duration of the license…)
I apologize for this inconvenience! As an internet-based business, I have to do everything I can to secure my customers’ data and the products they purchase. I really appreciate your patience and understanding!


Thank you for scoring with VolleyWrite!

AVCA Convention 2018 in Minneapolis – VolleyWrite will be there at booth #251!!

Please visit us at the VolleyWrite booth (#251) at the Minneapolis Convention Center on Thursday, December 13, Friday, December 14 and Saturday, December 15.

We are getting everything ready to make this year’s trip a success!

We look forward to meeting up with our friends and customers!

Come let us know how your season went!

We have a gift to help you get ready for Christmas!  See you there!

VolleyWrite – a first at the CHSAA volleyball tournament

Logo for the Colorado High School Activities AssociationThis year marked the first time the state of Colorado used VolleyWrite to score its state tournament.  The CHSAA held their tournament on Nov. 8, 9 and 20 at the Denver Coliseum.  The floor had 5 courts set up (one for each division), so there was a lot going on!!

We’re looking forward to helping out again next year!