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Why VolleyWrite? Let me show you…

Everyone has insurance for the things they value: their lives, their homes, their cars, etc.  VolleyWrite is a type of insurance for scoring volleyball matches.

When things go wrong at a volleyball match, the officials use the score sheet to determine the corrective action.

When there’s very little information on the score sheet, it’s hard for the officials to apply the rules to strange situations.

NFHS score sheet - little info


Volleyball Score sheet created with VolleyWrite


Which of these score sheets tells you for sure how many times the libero served or when the substitutions took place?

Don’t you want VolleyWrite for all your matches?

VolleyWrite adds Predictive Assistance

Now you can be “ahead of the game”!

VolleyWrite now offers predictive assistance for scorers of high-level matches.  When there is a side-out, VolleyWrite looks through the match to see if any actions occurred in positions 1 and 4 on both sides of the court and alerts you to the action.  (See the libero replacement suggestion on the left and the sub suggestion on the right.)   You can ignore the suggestion bubble if you want, or enter the action manually like you normally would.

Control freaks are gonna love it!

VolleyWrite Prediction

This is available now in the Windows version and should be part of the iPad version by mid-March.

Why VolleyWrite?

One of our customers was the visitor and was keeping score at the table at a high school match.  When a problem occurred, the R2 asked the scorer if the correct player was serving and the scorer said, “Yes”, much to the dismay of the VolleyWrite scorer.  Look at this score sheet and see where point #10 should be on the top line but is recorded on line 2.  And if there were 12 substitutions, why are none in the working section?

Proof of the need for VolleyWrite

Paper score sheet for scorer needing VolleyWrite 

This is why you need VolleyWrite!

Sideout Efficiency Report is now available!

Squeeze even more helpful information out of your score sheet by using the Sideout Efficiency Report to improve your defense. The Sideout Efficiency key is a one-time fee of $9.99 and is now available on our Pricing page. You can examine a sample on the Sideout Efficiency page. VolleyWrite just made your coaching job even easier!

New VolleyWrite Pricing!!

As of July 1, VolleyWrite offerings are more similarly priced. You can purchase a season license for Windows or the iPad for $49.99, a full year license for $89.99, and a week license for $4.99. Additional activations of Windows keys are still $10.

Our Windows trial is now for one week, and it is still free. The initial one-week iPad app is $1.99 (due to Apple’s rules).

VolleyWrite at the OHSBVA 2014 Finals

VolleyWrite at OHSBVA finals 2014 Congrats to Elder High School in Cincinnati and Archbishop Alter High School in Dayton for winning the Ohio high school boys Division I and Division II titles, respectively over Memorial Day weekend!  The state finals went very smoothly!  They were so much fun!  There was a lot of good volleyball happening in the Buckeye state!