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Why do we need a volleyball scorer?

Why can’t you just track points and be done with it?!

While that would be okay for back yard or informal volleyball, for formal indoor matches, there are lots of rules that are applied/enforced by the officials with the support of the scorer and assistant scorer (libero tracker).

Like baseball’s batting order, serving order is important in volleyball. The scorer makes sure each team sticks to the serving order submitted on the lineup before each set.

And just like soccer, where the goalie can do things that other players cannot (and vice versa), in volleyball, the libero and other back row players must abide by different rules with regard to attacking the ball.  It is necessary to have a reference is a coach contests an official’s ruling.  The score sheet and libero tracking sheet provide just that.

To be sure, the scorer and assistant scorer contribute to the FAIRNESS of the match – and every competition should be fair!  (It’s why the officials are there!)

So all you scorers out there, know that you have an important job and you provide a service that’s integral to the match.  Thank you for all you do!

– And thank you for scoring with VolleyWrite!


New iPad version available

VolleyWrite scorers using the iPad version

can go to the iTunes App store to download and install the latest release of VolleyWrite which was approved late last night, Wednesday, October 5.

Version 2.2.3 handles the “surprises” in iOS 10, fixes some general bugs, and improves file handling to work better with iOS and iCloud. Although you won’t see any major operational changes, if you have ever experienced a random “lock-up”, that should be a thing of the past. (And if it isn’t, please let us know!!!)

Thank you for scoring with VolleyWrite!

New Release for Windows: VolleyWrite 2.1.11

VolleyWrite is ready for the fall season! Version 2.1.11 is now available!

So what’s in it?
1. The updated Challenge Review system for NCAA Women.
2. A new way to enter lineups – the Auto buttons. Simply click the Auto button and then click on the players on the bench to fill the court in order.
3. A slightly new flow, in that you must enter which team has first serve before entering the lineups for the first set. (This should eliminate the problems that come with entering the lineups when presented in floor order.)

Give this new version of VolleyWrite a try and let us know what you think!!

2016 VolleyWrite training in Knoxville, TN

A big thanks to Linda Sanchez for arranging a training session at Bearden High School.  We will be in the library at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, August 9, 2016.  Get yourself a laptop and download the free trial from www.VolleyWrite.com so we can get to work right away.  (The iPad version also works, but Apple does not allow a free trial…)

Please let us know if you are coming so we can make sure we have a seat for you.  Call us at (513) 400-5937 or e-mail us at Info@VolleyWrite.com.

We hope to see you next Tuesday!

Update to the new iPad version of VolleyWrite

Version 1.10 for the iPad has been approved for sale by the iTunes store, so be sure to go to the App store and download the latest version.  This is a free upgrade that fixes the problem with a bad prediction showing up after set 1.  If the user accepted the bad prediction, the internal model of the court was confused and things spiraled downward.

Predictive assistance is a cool and convenient feature (especially now that this bug is fixed), but you must still make sure that the players involved are correct!

If you have any questions, please contact us at Info@VolleyWrite.com.

VolleyWrite testing at OSU

The Ohio State University is the closest DI Men’s volleyball team, so we tested VolleyWrite and the special substitution rules (used in FIVB scoring) there.  We hope to have FIVB scoring support available soon starting with the Windows version, so that VolleyWrite supports ALL volleyball played in the United States.

VolleyWrite at OSU April 5

VolleyWrite for tournaments

Since VolleyWrite supports all US volleyball, it was used at Elder High School on April 2 for their freshman tournament.  The JV team kept score with ease!  You can see the results in bracket form at http://www.volleytourney.com/Tournament/Schedule/35.  VolleyWrite updated the web site with live scores and filled the brackets automatically.  It was beautiful!  (And congrats to the Moeller freshman team who won the tourney.)

Elder High School Students scoring with VolleyWrite

VolleyWrite for your iPad now has Predictive Assistance!

Now you can get predictive assistance for higher level matches with VolleyWrite for WIndows and VolleyWrite’s iPad version!!  Apple released iPad version 1.9.11 yesterday, Monday, March 7, 2016.

VolleyWrite’s predictions are triggered by a loss of rally, and they help you with both substitutions and libero replacements for positions 1 (Right Back) and 4 (Left Front), which is where most of these actions occur.  In the first rotation of the match, VolleyWrite “learns” the personnel changes to help you with subsequent rotations in the match – not just in that set.

You can ignore the prediction bubble and it will disappear when you verify the server.  You can enter the action as you normally would and the bubble will also disappear.  Of course, if you answer, “Yes” to the bubble, VolleyWrite does the action and the bubble also disappears.

Predictive Assistance is enabled on the Customization page of the Rules tab.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

We want you to have the best scoring experience ever!
VolleyWrite iPad with Predictions

VolleyWrite: Scoring is Important to Volleyball!

So it turns out that scoring is important to the sport of volleyball.  Scoring is an integral part of officiating because it helps to ensure the adherence to substitution and service/rotation rules, and the proper application of penalties.  Many coaches stew about points lost to ball handling calls when they also lost a point due to a libero serving in two different service positions or the wrong player serving.  And illegal libero replacements happen more often than you think!  (or so we have found).

So give scoring the importance it is due, and help make your scorer’s job easier by using VolleyWrite!