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VolleyWrite adds Predictive Assistance

Now you can be “ahead of the game”!

VolleyWrite now offers predictive assistance for scorers of high-level matches.  When there is a side-out, VolleyWrite looks through the match to see if any actions occurred in positions 1 and 4 on both sides of the court and alerts you to the action.  (See the libero replacement suggestion on the left and the sub suggestion on the right.)   You can ignore the suggestion bubble if you want, or enter the action manually like you normally would.

Control freaks are gonna love it!

VolleyWrite Prediction

This is available now in the Windows version and should be part of the iPad version by mid-March.

VolleyWrite for California High Schools

Good morning! I just want to say that the Volley Write program has been absolutely amazing with keeping our score sheets. We trained a student to do this in less that 15 minutes and while there was a couple of hiccups they quickly caught up to speed. So thank you for the trial offer and we will be a Volley Write school for as long as I am coaching.
K. White, Coach
Palo Verde High School
Blythe, CA

VolleyWrite for NCAA Women

Thanks to Emi Vishoot, Lucas Tuggle and Mike Chandler for the opportunity to train some of the SWOBO scorers at Xavier University to use VolleyWrite on Sunday, August 16!  As much as we enjoyed doing the scorekeeping ourselves, it is nice to have others to “take the helm” while we do the libero tracking.  Thank you for your support!

VolleyWrite thanks the Kettering Volleyball Assn

Thank you Monique Huffman, secretary of the Kettering Volleyball Association, for allowing us to present VolleyWrite Volleyball Scoring Software to the incoming officials at Springboro High School on Saturday, August 8th!  Having scorers in the crowd was very beneficial and we look forward to serving the schools in your area!

VolleyWrite thanks the CAVOA!

We really appreciate the efforts of Marsha Goodwin and Marie Crowe to set up our VolleyWrite presentation for the Chattanooga area.  It was a lot of fun and there were lots of good questions.  We are honored to support volleyball in Tennessee, and we are looking forward to the state tournament in October!!

VolleyWrite thanks the KVOA!

Just wanted everyone to know how much we appreciated demonstrating VolleyWrite to the KVOA in Knoxville, TN on August 2nd and 3rd.  Terri Angel, Charlie Riddell, and Denise Penzkofer did a great job presenting the info for their association, as well as the paper scoring.  We are honored to support volleyball in Tennessee!!

VolleyWrite at OHSVCA Coaches Clinic

VolleyWrite at OHSVCA Clinic July 2015

VolleyWrite is ready for the Ohio high school girls volleyball season!

VolleyWrite again had a booth at the OHSVCA Coaches’ Clinic held at Westerville Central High School on Friday, July 24, 2015.  We had the opportunity to connect to veteran VolleyWriters as well as meet some new ones!  This should be a good year for scorekeeping in Ohio!

VolleyWrite Training in Ohio (& Tennessee)

We are working hard to get the word out about VolleyWrite in Ohio!  If you would like to learn about VolleyWrite in 2015, here are the training sessions we have scheduled:

Date             Time       Location                                            

8/2/2015        2:00        McGee-Tyson Airport (Knoxville Volleyball Officials Association)

8/3/2015        6:00        McGee-Tyson Airport (Knoxville Volleyball Officials Association)

8/4/2015        6:00        Grace Academy, Chattanooga, TN

8/8/2015         9:30       Springboro HS (Kettering VB Officials Asn)

8/12/2015       7:00       Akron Area Volleyball Association

8/18/2015       6:00       Olentangy Liberty HS

8/23/2015       7:00       SportsZone in Coshocton, OH (Eastern Buckeye VB Assn)

8/23/2015       7:00       Hall of Fame VB Officials Assn (Arrowhead-The Fairways Golf course)




Updated VolleyWrite for NFHS now available!


Among the changes incorporated this year by the NFHS is the handling of Unnecessary Delays with Administrative cards instead of charged time-outs. VolleyWrite is now programmed accordingly and uses the notation published in the latest rule book. (Check out our ad inside the back cover!)

Get your updated copy on our Resources page (under Support) today!

(And be sure to delete your old rule sets and create new ones…)