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New Release for Windows: VolleyWrite 2.1.11

VolleyWrite is ready for the fall season! Version 2.1.11 is now available!

So what’s in it?
1. The updated Challenge Review system for NCAA Women.
2. A new way to enter lineups – the Auto buttons. Simply click the Auto button and then click on the players on the bench to fill the court in order.
3. A slightly new flow, in that you must enter which team has first serve before entering the lineups for the first set. (This should eliminate the problems that come with entering the lineups when presented in floor order.)

Give this new version of VolleyWrite a try and let us know what you think!!

Attention NCAA Volleyball Scorers!

We have finally managed to read the 2016-2017 volleyball rules for NCAA Women, and we need to clarify one of their statements.

In the Points of Emphasis, the 2016-2017 rules book says,

2. “Computerized Scorekeeping: Some of the computerized scoring processes require rosters to be entered before the match begins. Adding a player’s number to the roster after play begins is time consuming and cumbersome…”

NCAA 2016-7 Rule book coverLuckily the authors are not referring to VolleyWrite in this statement.  Since NCAA Women’s rosters are not monitored in the same manner as those for USAV, FIVB and NFHS, there is no penalty for adding a player.  When you click on/touch an Add Player button conveniently located beneath a team bench (when scoring an NCAA Women’s match), you simply have to enter the number you need, and VolleyWrite adds it to the roster and bench.  It literally only takes a couple seconds – we promise!

(We do agree wholeheartedly with their recommendation to have a paper backup until your scorer is proficient.  It just makes sense…)

We truly want you to have the best scoring experience ever!

VolleyWrite at OHSAA Volleyball State Finals

VolleyWrite is getting fired up! We will be scoring the state high school girls volleyball tournament in Ohio!


VolleyWrite used at Ohio high school tournament

VolleyWrite was the scoring software for the girls high school volleyball tournament in Ohio again in 2014

If you would like to see the scores as the tournament progresses, visit our website at www.VolleyTourney.com

and click on

OHSAA State Tournament

or follow this link.

VolleyWrite – LOVE IT!

LOVE IT!  I am so impressed with what this program (VolleyWrite) will do.  I am a long-time High School volleyball scorer who has been doing it the “paper” way for years.  It is obvious that whomever wrote the program knows exactly what scorers have to track and created a helpful program to do just that.  My only complaint is that there is not an Android tablet version.  THANKS!

J. Smith, Knoxville, TN

VolleyWrite and the OVVOA

Thanks to Ruchelle Dunwoody, Marc Rosen and Chip Tobias for allowing us to present VolleyWrite Volleyball Scoring Software to the new OVVOA volleyball officials on August 28th!  We are honored to present VolleyWrite, which we hope will help all officials at their matches.

VolleyWrite at OHSVCA Coaches Clinic

VolleyWrite at OHSVCA Clinic July 2015

VolleyWrite is ready for the Ohio high school girls volleyball season!

VolleyWrite again had a booth at the OHSVCA Coaches’ Clinic held at Westerville Central High School on Friday, July 24, 2015.  We had the opportunity to connect to veteran VolleyWriters as well as meet some new ones!  This should be a good year for scorekeeping in Ohio!

Updated VolleyWrite for NFHS now available!


Among the changes incorporated this year by the NFHS is the handling of Unnecessary Delays with Administrative cards instead of charged time-outs. VolleyWrite is now programmed accordingly and uses the notation published in the latest rule book. (Check out our ad inside the back cover!)

Get your updated copy on our Resources page (under Support) today!

(And be sure to delete your old rule sets and create new ones…)