Feedback received from OHSBVA 2013 season survey

Here is what users in the Ohio High School Boys Volleyball Association have to say:

* Tremendously simplified the scoring process. Made it much easier to keep up with the pace of the boys’ game.

* Easy to use, anyone could do it

* So easy!

* One person with a spotter could keep the book and libero

* VERY user friendly. It made everything easier… For parents, coaches, officials… great software

* Very intuitive and easy to use

* Very convenient and great support

* Greatly simplified the entire scorekeeping process – including libero tracking

* Easier for new people to learn how to score. Also liked how it would e-mail to me.

* All encompassing

* Simple and easy for volunteers to use

* The simplicity of everything is a great tool for any volleyball program!

* I used it for a few home matches. I loved the software and the stat girls learned it quickly.

* Clear reports, saved on a hard drive.

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