Novice Scorer Saves the Day

Just wanted to share a story with you:

A View from the stand on Court 2We were at the NVVA in Virginia earlier this year.  I noticed the up ref getting off the stand during a match so I went over to see if there was a problem with VolleyWrite.  The situation was that the coach of the winning team had tried to sub a player into the deciding set of the match, but that player had been exceptionally substituted in the second set.  VolleyWrite would not allow the player onto the court.  The player using VolleyWrite was actually the libero tracker, and she informed the down ref that the sub was illegal.  Neither the adult at the table nor the coach of the team at fault knew the rule, and had insisted that VolleyWrite was wrong.  Although her heart was pounding, the tracker stood her ground and made sure the points were removed (four points were scored while she was arguing her point) and the court positions straightened out.  She did a great job!  

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