iPad version of VolleyWrite waiting for review

The updated versions of VolleyWrite for the iPad have been submitted to the App store and are waiting for Apple’s approval. The new versions (4.2.2) work with the updated license website, and the changes are transparent to users. Thank you so much for your patience with this! – And thank you for scoring with VolleyWrite!

One thought on “iPad version of VolleyWrite waiting for review


    We’re attempting to pull everything together for the upcoming volleyball season. Is the new version of Volleywrite (4.2.2) for the Ipad ready now?

    Response sent on 5/7/19

    Hi Promise,

    Thank you for the question!
    The iPad version has been updated to use the new licensing database. The changes for NCAA challenges is being tested right now. It should be available in the App store soon.

    Thank you for scoring with VolleyWrite!

    Debbie Keller


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