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Customize your competition!

VolleyWrite Volleyball Scorekeeping Software comes with pre-defined rule sets based on the rules published by the NFHS, NCAA,  NAIA, USAV and NCVF.  You can use these, or build on them to create your own!  The Rules Tab contains everything that can be tailored for your competition.

editted_0491How do you define a “winner”?

  • the maximum number of points in a set
  • the starting number of points in a set (It’s not always zero!)
  • are any of the sets capped?
  • the number of sets in a match and if they are all played or not

Which limits should be enforced during a set?

  • substitution counts
  • minimum number of players to start and to continue (VolleyWrite supports “ghosts”!)
  • maximum number of serves per term of service (instructional)

Which features should be enabled during a set?

  • libero control – how many liberos are allowed, can a libero be the floor captain, can the libero serve?
  • captain tracking
  • Minimum playing time tracking (instructional)

Some examples of other things can you control:

  • Lineup entry – floor order or service order
  • Scoring notation – NFHS, USAV, NCAA Women
  • Are re-serves allowed?
  • Penalty and sanction handling