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Accurate scoring – the easy way!

VW-in-action-editted1-292x300Everyone wants matches to run smoothly and on time, whether you are the first match of the day or the last.  We have found two ways to make volleyball scoring easier:

    • by making the scorer’s data entry simpler,
    • and by applying the rules.

These reduce the number of breaks in the action needed to straighten out the score sheet.  And since the score sheet is accurate and easy to read, problems can be resolved quickly, so breaks in the action take less time.

VolleyWrite is designed to be a stand-alone scorekeeping tool.  Although the download of the software and the receipt of a product key via e-mail both require the internet, there is no requirement for internet access to keep score at your matches.

“Simpler data entry” allows you to:

    • Record points and time-outs with the click of a button.  One action – it doesn’t get much easier than that!
    • Enter substitutions and libero replacements by dragging a player number from the team bench or libero box and dropping it on the court in the correct position.  VolleyWrite records all of the notations necessary so you don’t have to!
    • Enter lineups at the beginning of each set using one of these methods: (1) Use the Lineup Button to enter the players in either floor order or service order to match what the coaches give you; (2) double click on a player on the bench to load the court; or (3) drag and drop the players onto the court.  Use whichever method you prefer!
    • The court display makes it easy to identify when a wrong server contacts the serve so that action can be taken immediately!
    • Deciding sets are as easy to record as any other sets.  VolleyWrite switches courts half-way through (if programmed to do so), and will notify you of the change.  VolleyWrite takes care of the score sheet and libero sheet, so you don’t have to record the information in multiple places.
    • After the first set, VolleyWrite’s Lineup Button “remembers” the lineup from the start of the previous set, which is very helpful at higher levels of competition.

How are the rules applied?

service-1-smaller2– Illegal substitutions and libero replacements are identified immediately – before a team has earned points that have to be cancelled.

 Volleywrite guides you through every recorded situation from “ghost” players to redesignations.

 VolleyWrite automatically removes liberos when they rotate to the front row, then notifies you to verify the change visually.

 VolleyWrite will remind you to communicate with the referees for a team’s last four substitutions, no captain on the floor (if tracking floor captains), and set/match points.

 VolleyWrite automatically switches courts and alternates the team with first serve between sets, except for at deciding sets, when you can’t assume which sides the teams are on or who has first serve!

VolleyWrite solves the most common problem at tournaments:

Instructional-2-300x135“The score is wrong!”

Have you ever heard that at a volleyball match?!  If your scorer is paying attention, VolleyWrite can eliminate this beckon from the bleachers!  VolleyWrite’s court display makes awarding points to the correct team easy, and if an external monitor is used, the score displayed corresponds EXACTLY to the official score on the score sheet  – and it is updated WAY FASTER than could ever be possible with flip charts!

New tournament idea – the last match can start on time!

There is a cascading effect at tournaments when a match takes longer than the schedule allots.  Later matches on that court run behind as well.  But other courts can also be affected when a team is needed to play or work on a court and it is held up on a court that is running behind.

At higher-level matches, scorers are required to have a certain level of scoring knowledge.  But at lower-level matches using VolleyWrite, you don’t necessarily need to know all of the rules in detail, or carry pens in multiple colors.  VolleyWrite will help you!

At instructional level matches, parent “volunteers” need help with scoring.  All too frequently they are given the job without adequate training.  But with VolleyWrite, they will WANT to keep score!  Besides, children in the 21st century would rather use a computer than pen and paper, and many adults feel the same way!

(Disclaimer: VolleyWrite does NOT help with line judging!  You’re still on your own finding “volunteers” for that…)