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West End JV Tournament scored with VolleyWrite!

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If you get a chance, stop by the Richmond Volleyball Club at 200 Karl Linn Drive in Henrico, Virginia on Saturday, October 13.

The West End Classic Girls JV  Volleyball Tournament will have 24 teams playing on 8 courts, all scored with the Windows version of VolleyWrite!

Chris Wakefield is a long-time VolleyWrite scorer and we are happy to reciprocate some support!  Good luck to all the teams involved!


Why VolleyWrite? – Formatting!!

Yesterday, I was scoring a DI match and had an odd situation.  One UC player (the libero) served for 17 straight points!  The good thing was that I was scoring with VolleyWrite, so I didn’t have to “borrow” any space from the another service position.  I didn’t have to stress over the fact that I was running out of space for service position VI.  Yay!

Univ of Cinti vs Houston set 3 score sheet

Attention Scorers!! PLEASE download the latest version!

Attention all VolleyWrite scorers!

It has come to our attention that many schools are not downloading the latest version of VolleyWrite when they purchase a new license.

Look in the bottom of the ball on the About page and make SURE you have version 4.1.4., which is the latest version available on the Resources page of our website.  If you need to get version 4.1.4, make sure you have internet access, then go to or go to and select Support in the navigation bar, then click on Resources in the drop-down list.

On the Resources page, click the green VolleyWrite button to download version 4.1.4.  This happens automatically when you open VolleyWrite with internet access, but I know many people leave their PC in airplane mode to score, which we do recommend.

Thank you for scoring with VolleyWrite!

When do I answer the server verification question?

In the Server Verification bubble, VolleyWrite requires you to indicate whether the correct player has contacted the serve.  When the correct player contacts the serve, click the YES button ON CONTACT so you don’t get behind.

server verification bubble

I recently observed someone who chose to answer the question after the point was awarded.  Unfortunately, she got behind, and recorded the score incorrectly and missed a substitution.  I helped her get back on track, but it could have been easily avoided.

Also, if you are not scoring with a touch screen, please use a mouse, because for most people, that is fastest.

It’s National Scorer’s Week!

Scoring is a very important aspect of a formal volleyball match.  It is somewhat of an “insurance policy” that many of the rules are followed.  On many occasions, the contribution that scorers make to the facilitation of a match is underrated.  Therefore, we have designated the first full week of August to recognize scorers.


IHSVCA logo _2.375x180

We kicked off this year’s National Scorer’s Week by attending the coaches clinic presented by the Indiana High School Volleyball Coaches Association (IHSVCA)on Sunday, August 5 at Lawrence North High School in Indianapolis.  It was a good clinic and many of the coaches were very interested in helping their scorers do their scoring job as efficiently as possible.   Thanks to Jean Kesterson and Ronda Low for giving us the opportunity to participate!  🙂

We look forward to lots of Indiana schools using VolleyWrite to score their matches this fall.  They’re gonna love it!

Why VolleyWrite? (June 2018)

We’ve all heard that humans are

creatures of habit.

But in the last half of the 20th century, humans have also become

creatures of convenience.

Why do I say that?:

1. Although I am physically capable of getting out of my car to open and close my garage door, I have a garage door opener do it for me.

2. Although I can get off my butt and walk about 4 steps to the television, you’d better believe that I use a remote control!

We already can’t imagine life without these conveniences!

Nobody whips out a pen and paper to do math any more – they use a calculator

…because it’s fast, accurate and convenient.

That same argument can be made about VolleyWrite!

Let us know what you think!

VolleyWrite: Scorer or Score Keeper?

When we tell people that we have created VolleyWrite Volleyball Scoring Software, the response is, “Oh, so you do stats”.  When we first started, NCAA Women, the NFHS and USA Volleyball did not have the same title for the person keeping score.  “Scorekeeper” was commonly used.  Now, however, all three of these associations do refer to the person at the scoring table as the “Scorer”. So don’t get confused!  The important this is that you are scoring – with VolleyWrite!

Congrats, OHSBVA Champs!!!

Scoring the Final OHSBVA Match

Congrats to Moeller High School (DI – Cincinnati) and St. Charles (DII – Columbus) on winning their divisions at the OHSBVA state volleyball tournament!

June 2nd and 3rd were exciting days at Capital University in Columbus, where the OHSBVA held the boys high school volleyball state final tournament.

Congrats to all teams that participated:

DI:   Archbishop Moeller (champions), BeaverCreek, Hilliard Darby (runner up), Jackson, Northmont, Olentangy, St. Ignatius and St. Xavier

DII:   Archbishop Alter (runner up), Archbishop Hoban, LaSalle High School and St. Charles (champions)

Scoring and libero tracking were facilitated with VolleyWrite Volleyball Scoring Software (using an external monitor for the officials’ benefit) and everything went smoothly (which was good, since the first match on both days went to 5 sets!!). scorer and external monitor 2

Mike Chandler and Jim Hammar did a great job scoring the matches.  Of course, they had a backup in case of an emergency… .}

a picture showing Mike Chandler (left) and Jim Hammar (right), the OHSBVA scoring team for 2018 with their backup

Mike Chandler (left) and Jim Hammar (right), the OHSBVA scoring team for 2018 with their backup

Indiana Boys High School Volleyball Rocks!

ibvca 2018The IBVCA (Indiana Boys Volleyball Coaches Association) held the state tournament on Friday, May 18 and Saturday, May 19 at Southport High School, just south of Indianapolis.  What a fun tournament!  They were gracious enough to let me score with VolleyWrite which supported their smooth match execution.  The referees were great and worked well with the new scoring system.

Take a look at the score sheets from the final match where Roncalli defeated Catholic.  It was quite a match!  Everyone loves exciting volleyball!!!