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In the United States, volleyball is played on all levels, with variations in rules for different levels and different scoring notation for the major volleyball organizations.  Because of this, VolleyWrite provides rule sets reflecting the current rules for the various organizations and levels of play which you can use directly or modify.


Court-play-1-266x427Women – VolleyWrite includes support for NCAA and NAIA Women’s matches.  Scorers will notice the Mind Change button on the Set tab for these matches.  NAIA women use NCAA Women’s rules, but with  unlimited substitutions.

Men – The NCAA Men’s Volleyball Program uses USA Volleyball rules with a substitution limit of six.

College “Club” – The National Collegiate Volleyball Federation is a national organization which promotes collegiate club volleyball opportunities for both men and women.  The NCVF uses USA Volleyball rules with some modifications.

FIVB – The Windows version of VolleyWrite has the rules, score sheet (condensed to be on one 8.5×11″ sheet) and libero tracking sheet built in.

Score Sheets

Here are sample score sheets for NFHSNCAA Women, and USAV matches.  Look at our libero tracking sheets for NFHS and NCAA, as well as the USA Volleyball libero control sheet.

High School

VolleyWrite was initially designed using NFHS rules.  During high school matches, scorers will notice the Re-Serve option on the Set tab,  as well as the proper handling of “ghost” players when a team is playing short.

Club (USA Volleyball)

VolleyWrite can be used to score at matches using USA Volleyball rules at all levels.  Match rules for the youngsters can be customized to allow re-serves, protests and multiple liberos can be added at the higher levels.

Grade School and Instructional

Instructional-Play-21VolleyWrite uses the correct notation to record volleyball events.  This helps at the lower levels of competition, where scorers don’t have the training and/or experience to record everything properly.

Many leagues for beginners limit terms of service  to 4 or 5 serves so that more kids get the opportunity to serve.  VolleyWrite keeps track of the number of serves to assist the scorer, transfers the serve to the opponent when the limit is reached, and awards points correctly.  *The external display is particularly helpful at this level, as it indicates the serving team and their service count, as well as the score, timeout counts and substitution counts.

VolleyWrite is the first scoring product that tracks playing time.  Information on the Reports tab lets coaches and league administrators know if the playing time is being spread equitably so all players get opportunites to touch the ball.


VolleyWrite will also allow free substitutions and can be used simply as a scoreboard (with an external monitor) if desired.  The image on the right shows the scoreboard reflecting the score and the timeouts used.